Welcome to the p2 Documentation. p2 is an open-source Object Storage Server, focused on simple and quick sharing. It allows you to quickly share files with people. It also offers an S3-Compatible API, which allows you to easily integrate other software with p2.

p2 uses the following Terminology:


A Storage represents a way p2 stores data. For example, this might be a LocalStorageController instance, which saves data on a locally mounted drive. There is for example also a S3StorageController class, which allows you to use S3 or an S3-compatible backend to store data.


Logical Groupings of data, can be compared with an S3 Bucket


Single Features which can be enabled on a per-Volume basis.


tier0 is the component which accelerates serving of your Blobs. It also allows to match custom URLs based on Regular Expressions and caches Blobs.